Fantasy Names for Different Genres: Medieval Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, and More

Creating the perfect fantasy name is a critical part of building a rich and immersive world. Whether you’re crafting an epic medieval fantasy saga, a high-tech sci-fi adventure, or a gritty steampunk tale, the names you choose can help define the tone and culture of your universe. Here’s a guide to generating names that fit seamlessly into various fantasy genres, ensuring your characters and places leave a lasting impression.

Medieval Fantasy Names

Medieval Fantasy Names

Medieval fantasy is perhaps the most traditional genre, filled with knights, dragons, wizards, and ancient kingdoms. Names in this genre often draw inspiration from Old English, Celtic, Norse, and other medieval European languages.


  • Historical Roots: Names often resemble those from medieval history or myth. Think “Arthur,” “Guinevere,” or “Merlin.”
  • Strong and Noble: Names convey strength and nobility, fitting for heroes and rulers. Examples include “Elric,” “Seraphina,” and “Torrin.”
  • Mystical and Enigmatic: Names might have a mystical quality, hinting at magical powers or ancient lineage, such as “Eldrid,” “Morwen,” or “Alduin.”


Male NamesFemale NamesPlace Names
1. Eadric1. Rowena1. Eldoria
2. Thane2. Aeliana2. Ravengard
3. Brom3. Isolde3. Dragonspire
4. Arthur4. Guinevere4. Camelot
5. Alaric5. Ingrid5. Dunwich
6. Cedric6. Morgana6. Helmsdeep
7. Godfrey7. Rosalind7. Lothlórien
8. Leopold8. Sigrid8. Rivendell
9. Roland9. Theodora9. Winterfell
10. Sigmund10. Winifred10. Yorkton
11. Ethelred11. Arianwen11. Avalon
12. Wulfric12. Brynhild12. Caerleon
13. Balthazar13. Catriona13. Dunsinane
14. Gareth14. Deirdre14. Eldhelm
15. Hubert15. Elspeth15. Frosthold
16. Lancelot16. Freydis16. Gryphondale
17. Percival17. Heloise17. Highgarden
18. Tiberius18. Iseult18. Ironforge
19. Ulric19. Jocelyn19. Jorvik
20. Vortigern20. Katerina20. Kingsport
21. Elric21. Seraphina21. Asgard
22. Torrin22. Valeria22. Stormhold
23. Branwen23. Adeline23. Ironhaven
24. Arden24. Brianna24. Kingsgrave
25. Caelum25. Cassia25. Nightshade
26. Dante26. Elara26. Shadowfen
27. Garrick27. Gwyneth27. Stormcliff
28. Halvard28. Lysandra28. Sunfire
29. Leonidas29. Selene29. Valewood
30. Roderick30. Thalia30. Windhelm
31. Beric31. Aurelia31. Amberlight
32. Dorian32. Beatrix32. Blackwater
33. Evander33. Clarissa33. Castlerock
34. Hadrian34. Diantha34. Dragonstone
35. Ignatius35. Elowen35. Ebonwood
36. Jareth36. Fiona36. Fairhaven
37. Lucian37. Gwendolyn37. Goldengrove
38. Marius38. Helena38. Hightower
39. Quillon39. Isadora39. Ironclad
40. Thorian40. Jessamine40. Stormreach
41. Alistair41. Elysia41. Aeloria
42. Caliban42. Arwen42. Drakengard
43. Drystan43. Callista43. Mysthaven
44. Finnian44. Eira44. Thundertop
45. Oberon45. Lyanna45. Evershadow
46. Theron46. Nyx46. Moonvale
47. Aedric47. Zephyra47. Silverpeak
48. Caspian48. Aisling48. Starfire
49. Daeron49. Briallen49. Valinor
50. Eldarion50. Celestria50. Whispering Pines

Sci-Fi Names

Science fiction opens up endless possibilities, from interstellar empires to futuristic dystopias. Names in sci-fi often sound sleek, modern, or completely otherworldly, reflecting advanced technology and alien cultures.


  • Futuristic and High-Tech: Names might incorporate sleek, sharp sounds, suggesting advanced technology. Think “Ryker,” “Nova,” or “Xander.”
  • Alien and Unique: For extraterrestrial characters, names might include unusual syllables or combinations of sounds, such as “Zylar,” “Qinara,” or “T’Chala.”
  • Cultural Fusion: Names can blend different cultural influences, hinting at a melting pot of galactic civilizations. Examples include “Kael,” “Suri,” and “Jax.”


Male NamesFemale NamesPlace Names
1. Zephyr1. Lyra1. Nexus Prime
2. Orion2. Zara2. Epsilon Eridani
3. Kaiden3. Nevaeh3. Solara Station
4. Ryker4. Nova4. Andromeda Outpost
5. Xander5. Aria5. Hyperion Base
6. Jaxon6. Selene6. Omega Sector
7. Zane7. Mira7. Titan Colony
8. Kai8. Astrid8. Lunar City
9. Draven9. Vega9. Nebula Nexus
10. Blaze10. Zara10. Starport One
11. Axel11. Talia11. Quantum Fields
12. Jett12. Rhea12. Solaris Station
13. Kade13. Elara13. Zenith City
14. Ronin14. Lyra14. Cygnus Hub
15. Finn15. Zara15. Exo Station
16. Nash16. Nova16. Polaris Outpost
17. Soren17. Vesper17. Astoria Sector
18. Zayden18. Nyx18. Vega Station
19. Aiden19. Kaia19. Orion’s Belt
20. Kyler20. Calla20. Nebula Prime
21. Titan21. Elysia21. Hyperion Hub
22. Xion22. Zara22. Titan’s Gate
23. Jace23. Lyra23. Solaris System
24. Zarek24. Thalia24. Zenith Station
25. Aric25. Kira25. Quantum Station
26. Zorin26. Astrid26. Cygnus Outpost
27. Rylan27. Lyra27. Exo Hub
28. Kian28. Nevaeh28. Polaris Prime
29. Raiden29. Elara29. Astoria Station
30. Dax30. Talia30. Vega Colony
31. Tycho31. Rhea31. Orion Hub
32. Zev32. Vesper32. Nebula Station
33. Kal33. Nyx33. Starport Hub
34. Zander34. Kaia34. Quantum Nexus
35. Maddox35. Calla35. Solaris Colony
36. Zephyr36. Elysia36. Zenith Outpost
37. Talon37. Zara37. Cygnus Prime
38. Kade38. Lyra38. Exo Nexus
39. Xenos39. Nova39. Polaris Colony
40. Raze40. Vesper40. Astoria Hub
41. Zayde41. Nyx41. Vega System
42. Arion42. Kaia42. Orion Station
43. Zephyr43. Calla43. Nebula Hub
44. Blaze44. Elysia44. Starport Colony
45. Xander45. Zara45. Quantum System
46. Jaxon46. Lyra46. Solaris Nexus
47. Zev47. Nova47. Zenith Colony
48. Ryker48. Vesper48. Cygnus System
49. Zane49. Nyx49. Exo Prime
50. Orion50. Kaia50. Polaris Station

Steampunk Names

Steampunk blends Victorian aesthetics with steam-powered technology, creating a unique and fantastical world. Names in this genre often have a vintage flair, evoking the era of steam engines, airships, and top hats.


  • Victorian Elegance: Names might sound old-fashioned, reflecting the Victorian era’s formality. Think “Atticus,” “Cordelia,” or “Lavinia.”
  • Industrial and Inventive: Names can also hint at industrial innovation and creativity, such as “Gideon,” “Thaddeus,” or “Isambard.”
  • Quirky and Eccentric: Steampunk thrives on eccentricity, so names might have a whimsical or quirky twist, like “Horatio,” “Euphemia,” or “Montague.”


Male NamesFemale NamesPlace Names
1. Jasper1. Adelaide1. Brasshaven
2. Augustus2. Beatrix2. Clockwork City
3. Phineas3. Emmeline3. Steamfort
4. Alistair4. Cordelia4. Gearford
5. Gideon5. Arabella5. Ironstead
6. Thaddeus6. Lavinia6. Copperton
7. Percival7. Victoria7. Steamport
8. Edmund8. Rosamund8. Mechton
9. Cedric9. Eleanor9. Brasswick
10. Ambrose10. Isadora10. Clockhaven
11. Barnabas11. Gwendolyn11. Ironforge
12. Lucius12. Honoria12. Cogswell
13. Maximilian13. Winifred13. Steamhaven
14. Victor14. Octavia14. Brassville
15. Rupert15. Seraphina15. Ironworks
16. Silas16. Arabella16. Gearsburg
17. Quentin17. Felicity17. Mechland
18. Dorian18. Eloise18. Steamtown
19. Horatio19. Matilda19. Copperfield
20. Leopold20. Adelaide20. Cogtown
21. Frederick21. Georgiana21. Brassborough
22. Reginald22. Henrietta22. Ironhill
23. Archibald23. Florence23. Gearhaven
24. Montague24. Arabella24. Mechford
25. Neville25. Cassandra25. Steamshire
26. Tobias26. Liliana26. Brassford
27. Ambrose27. Adelaide27. Ironport
28. Basil28. Emmeline28. Cogsworth
29. Merrick29. Cordelia29. Steamside
30. Enoch30. Beatrice30. Copperpoint
31. Winston31. Lavinia31. Brassport
32. Sterling32. Rosamund32. Gearwood
33. Atticus33. Octavia33. Ironbridge
34. Erasmus34. Victoria34. Mechwater
35. Everett35. Winifred35. Steamside
36. Godfrey36. Isadora36. Copperdale
37. Augustus37. Gwendolyn37. Brassville
38. Bartholomew38. Honoria38. Clockwork Haven
39. Leopold39. Eleanor39. Ironville
40. Lysander40. Felicity40. Gearwood
41. Phineas41. Eloise41. Mechside
42. Simeon42. Matilda42. Steambridge
43. Alaric43. Georgiana43. Copperhaven
44. Randolph44. Henrietta44. Brassburg
45. Thaddeus45. Florence45. Ironfort
46. Reginald46. Cassandra46. Gearport
47. Horace47. Liliana47. Mechhill
48. Cedric48. Emmeline48. Steamtown
49. Ignatius49. Cordelia49. Copperwood
50. Jasper50. Beatrice50. Brasshaven

Blending Genres

Many modern stories blend elements from multiple genres, creating rich and complex worlds. When mixing genres, consider how the characteristics of each genre can complement each other. For instance, a sci-fi story with medieval elements might have names that blend futuristic and archaic sounds, like “Kairos” or “Aerilyn.”

Tips for Creating Fantasy Names

  1. Know Your World: The culture, history, and geography of your world should influence the names. Consider the linguistic roots and naming conventions that fit your setting.
  2. Balance Uniqueness with Pronounceability: While it’s tempting to create highly unique names, ensure they’re still easy for readers to pronounce and remember.
  3. Use Name Generators: Tools like the AI Fantasy Name Generator can help spark ideas and provide a variety of names tailored to different genres.
  4. Test the Names: Say the names out loud and see how they feel in the context of your story. A name should fit naturally within the dialogue and narrative.

Creating the perfect name can be a delightful challenge, adding depth and personality to your characters and settings. Whether you’re delving into the past with medieval fantasy, exploring the future with sci-fi, or tinkering with the gears of a steampunk world, the right names will bring your story to life. So dive in, get creative, and let your imagination guide you through the endless possibilities of fantasy naming.

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